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I’ve been busy brewing and working on the mibrewer blog back end.  Theres’s always more to update, but for now I’m satisfied with the basic layout of the site.  I will soon be adding more content as there are many new brewing projects on which to report.

11 gallons of Pale Ale Fermenting

11 gallons of Pale Ale Fermenting

I did complete a Pale Ale brew this weekend, Saturday February 25th.  I was very satisfied to have nailed my mash temperature, final volume, and Original Gravity. I have Brewsmith to thank for this.

My session did have a few unexpected turns.  I had just brought my 13 gallons of wort to 212˚ in the boil kettle when a loud “pop” went off and I lost power.  After pulling the breaker to eliminate the threat of 220 volt execution, I discovered that the base of my heating element on the outside of the kettle had arced  through its sealed rubber heat shrink to the stainless keg wall. Fortunately, the batch (and bodily scarring) were spared as I was able to pump the boiling wort to my hot liquor tank and resume the boil.

Evidence of electrical arcing

Hardware Failure


I’ve since determined the cause of the issue and found a resolution that will eliminate future occurrence. This will also improve on the design and mobility of my rig.  Ill save those details for a future project and blog post.




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