Beef Plate Short Ribs

It is the first weekend of May here in central Michigan. This means we are cautiously optimistic that spring is upon us for 2019. Irregardless, poor weather would not deter a growing appetite for BBQ. So, season the meat and start the fire!

Process and Preparation

This recipe required a bit of pre-planning. I was fortunate to find fresh examples of Beef plate short ribs at a local butcher shop, shot out Tom’s Meat Market!

Some sources of beef short ribs will have a fat cap on the top, opposite the bottom bone side. This is the case for me, so I trim off the fat and fine layer of silver skin below it. Next, I season the top and sides liberally with Kosher salt. I like Diamond Crystal Kosher salt. Finally, I place the uncovered beef on a cooling rack and cooking tray before depositing to the fridge overnight.

The next morning I remove the beef from the fridge. While the ribs come closer to room temperature I start a fire in a Kamado BBQ pit. For this I use lump charcoal, Oak wood, and Cherry wood chips. I configure the pit to cook low and slow at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the pit comes up to temp I focus again on the beef. To aid in dry rub application, I splash the surface with Worcestershire sauce (Soy sauce would also be a good choice). For the rub I used a generous portion of freshly ground pepper. I like to add a touch of garlic and cayenne as well.


The pit has come up to our desired temperature of 275 °F.

Look at that pleasantly blue thin smoke. Time to put on the meat!

Once in the Kamado I let the beef smoke untouched for 3 hours.

This would be a great time to enjoy a cold beer.

Beef ribs

3 hours have passed and the ribs are picking up great smoke and color.

The meat is pulling back from the bone. This is what we are watching for.

Next, I wrap the ribs in foil and put back on the grill.

We will expect 2-3 more hours on the pit.

We’ll know they are done when they probe like warm butter. Temps should be around 204 internal.

Our ribs are done after 2 final hours on the grill. They are probing perfectly and the temperature is on point. Now we move on to the perhaps the hardest step. Wrap the ribs once again and rest for 1 more hour. This will allow juices to redistribute through the meat.

The Meal

Smoked beef ribs.

Time to enjoy these beef ribs. I will say the ribs are excellent. Just bursting with juicy beef flavor. Be sure to save the juice in the bottom of the foil wrapping to use as an Au jus to drizzle atop or dip the ribs in. This sauce would also be great for use in “beefing” up a soup or stew. Pun intended.


  • Trim fat
  • Season with salt
  • Refrigerate overnight
  • Season with dry rub
  • Smoke for 3 hours at 275 °F
  • Wrap for 2 hours at 275 °F
  • Pull from Pit & rest for 1 hour
  • Enjoy!

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