Recipe: Steam K.I.S.S – California Common

      This August the Red Ledge Brewers Home Brew Club is participating in the 2017 Michigan Home Brew Festival.  I’ve decided to create a California Common beer recipe to bring to the event.  I chose this style because it is a light and refreshing beer that I think would be easily enjoyed...Read more
American Pale Ale 

American Pale Ale 

My American Pale Ale measured in at just over 6% ABV. Time to dry hop for 3 days then into the keg! Im looking forward to submitting this beer in the Red Ledge Brewers April 2017 Pale Ale competition.Read more

Almond Flour Burger Bun Recipe

Ingredients Produces 6 6 eggs 3½ oz Fat; I use Kerrygold Irish grass fed unsalted butter.  It is okay to substitute other fats 1½ cup Almond flour 2 tsp baking powder Note: a mold is required for this recipe; see notes section below. Directions Melt the fat to liquid form....Read more