2017 Founders KBS

2017 Founders KBS 750ML

Founders is an established brewery recognized nation wide.  Michiganders consider it to be one of Grand Rapids’ many treasures.  Founders KBS Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout is a special beer only released once every spring.  It’s cult following makes it a rare find without registering on a waitlist at the brewery or in store.  This year I had done neither.  After several failed attempts to find this gem locally I had come to terms with my loss.  As it turns out I had accepted defeat too soon.

En route to a family get together I stopped at a small party store to purchase a six pack to share.  At checkout I happened to comment on Founders beer and my disappointment in missing KBS.  Knowing that larger stores had their shelves picked clean a week ago on opening day, I asked the cashier how quickly her stock had gone.  Empathetically, she told me that their shelves too were picked clean, in fact only a few prepaid orders were left in back. I kindly thanked her.  In seeing my disappointment she volunteered to take a quick inventory and headed to the stock room.  Moments lated she reappeared, “Wouldn’t you know it, there’s two left.  Do you want ’em?”

Imagine my surprise.

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